F&B Business Accelerator este un program dezvoltat de Hospitality Culture Institute, organizație care reunește lideri și profesioniști din HoReCa, parteneri din mediul academic, arhitecți, reprezentanți mass-media, antreprenori și business angels. Expertiza cumulată a tuturor celor implicați este direcționată către dezvoltarea culturii alimentare și a generării de bune practici în domeniu.

În calitate de asociație independentă de cercetare, training și consultanță, Hospitality Culture Institute studiază piața și tendințele din industria HoReCa. Misiunea sa este să identifice tendințele cu impact social, economic și politic și să împartă know-how și solutii concrete.

Who is our target audience?

Tech-Driven Hospitality

Our program provides specialized mentoring and resources for entrepreneurs focused on creating cutting-edge technological solutions for hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other hospitality segments. This includes solutions related to smart booking, AI-driven customer service, in-room IoT automations, and many others.

Innovative F&B Concepts

The food and beverage industry is continuously evolving, driven by changing consumer demands and innovative ideas. We support entrepreneurs who are breaking the mold, be it through sustainable sourcing, unique culinary experiences or innovative service concepts.

We are looking for startups that address topics such as:

Smart Booking Apps

A system that uses artificial intelligence to optimize restaurant or hotel bookings, taking into account customer preferences, local events, and trends.

Virtual Assistance for Hotels

Robots or virtual assistants providing concierge services, answering guests’ queries, recommending local activities, or ordering services.

Wearable Technologies

Bracelets or other wearable devices allowing guests to access rooms, pay for services, or interact with hotel staff and facilities.

Sustainable Food Platforms

Businesses that offer solutions for restaurants to source their ingredients more sustainably, reducing waste and promoting local products.

Virtual or Ghost Restaurants

Restaurants that operate exclusively for home delivery, using advanced technology to optimize orders, food preparation, and delivery.

Augmented Reality in Hospitality

Apps that offer guests virtual tours, interactive menus, or immersive culinary experiences using augmented reality.

Real-Time Feedback Systems

Platforms allowing customers to provide real-time feedback on food, services, or the overall experience, enabling businesses to respond and adapt quickly.

Kitchen Automation Solutions

Technologies that optimize and automate kitchen processes, such as robotic cooking systems or drink-making machines.

Staff Learning Platforms

Online training systems that use virtual reality or other immersive technologies to train hospitality staff.

*This list is not exhaustive.

The F&B Technology Products Accelerator brings together top Tech and HoReCa entrepreneurs, economists, lawyers, bankers, marketing Gurus, listing and retail product experts, investors, as well as formal and non-formal education specialists.

The program’s goal is to assist the next generation of entrepreneurs in developing MVPs for their products and attracting funding to scale their own businesses.

Entrepreneurs accepted into the F&B Technology Products program will benefit from an intensive 6-week program of online workshops, formal learning sessions and 1v1 mentoring sessions


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Laurentiu Banescu

Co-founder Zăganu Craft Beer

Paul Iftode

Purchasing Director City Grill Group

Cristian Antofic

Head of Indirect Sales, Vodafone Business

Marinela Mihalcea

Head of Financial Products UniCredit Bank

Tudor Iacob

Cofounder Unison Plant Based

Cătălin Gealapu

Head of Sales Tazz

Daniel Preda

Managing Director al Toyota Material Handling Romania

Adina Murariu

COO EasySales

3 Days Bootcamp

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