The F&B Business Accelerator is a program developed by the Hospitality Culture Institute, an organization that brings together leaders and professionals from HoReCa, academic partners, architects, media representatives, entrepreneurs, and business angels. The cumulative expertise of all those involved is directed towards the development of food culture and the generation of good practices in the field.

As an independent association for research, training, and consulting, the Hospitality Culture Institute studies the market and trends in the HoReCa industry. Its mission is to identify trends with social, economic, and political impact and to share know-how and concrete solutions.


Foodobox helps food business owners reduce food waste by selling surplus through the mobile app, reaching new customers in the process.

Zonis is a platform for businesses in the hospitality industry that integrates every part of the day-to-day operations in one single product.

Gesto Atu developed an online inventory management software, integrated with Vectron POS systems used worldwide. While the inventory management system forms the basis of daily operations, the real advantage that businesses in the food and beverage industry can have over their competitors is guiding their business based on KPIs and forecasts.

The LAST DROP app comes to the aid of employees and business owners with a system that streamlines the time spent on inventory management. With the help of the application, you can accurately estimate the volume of liquid in a bottle. Through Last Drop, you can track beverage stock down to the last drop in a significantly shorter amount of time. Real-time inventory.

Tired of junk food and restrictive diets, they sought alternatives. They wanted something tasty, healthy, filling, and reasonably priced. Easy to eat anywhere and low in calories. They couldn’t find it. So, they created Ohvăz!

The ambition of those at 5paini 2pesti is to make bread as it should be, in an organic, artisanal bakery established in Sibiu. 

Sol și Suflet is one of the first regenerative farms in Romania. Within the farm, the team researches and develops the regenerative production model, which they later share in an open-source format through an educational resource library. 

Fast-food restaurant based on local products: potatoes and craft beer. The product portfolio was inspired by countries with a high culture of potato consumption, such as: jacket potato – US and UK, poutine – Canada, tornado potato – Asia, French fries – Belgium, mashed potato – US.

SUNRAI is a micro-universe composed of holiday villages, providing freedom, safety, and a connection with nature. 

Mantra Bistro presents a variety of healthy and delicious food options: vegan, vegetarian, and pescetarian dishes, authentic flavors with raw and baked desserts.

The artisanal products from the RITUAL collection are 100% natural, without added sugar, rich in nutrients and vitamins, aiming to be your source of energy.

RomBeer Station is a franchise of specialized stores dedicated to selling Romanian craft artisanal beer, providing a unique experience through on-site bottling and the opportunity to taste various varieties of Romanian craft beer.

Rawdia is a vegetarian and raw-vegan restaurant and store where you can find predominantly raw-vegan dishes and ingredients, as well as friends who share the same beliefs about a healthy and clean lifestyle.

ChefBox is a business born out of a passion for cooking, dedicated to those who appreciate flavor while being mindful of what they consume. Over the course of five years, they have committed to preparing daily meals for hundreds of individuals. Present both online and at their location in Bucharest, they provide fresh food with a smile on their faces.

Senator Wine is the bigest producer of bio wines în Romania. It owns 800 hectares of vineyards in four different regions across Romania, and its export operations extend to over 20 countries worldwide, with a focus on markets in China, Japan, Canada, and the USA.

At Dooler, we prepare cooked, healthy, and delicious food for dogs with dedication and respect for our furry friends and their needs.

ROMO represents an innovative solution that meets consumers’ needs for access to high-quality food, while simultaneously addressing the desire of local producers to promote and market their products in a simple and efficient manner.

A healthy snack alternative for the modern consumer,  centered around the nutritional richness of chia puddings. 

Up! By UnitPay Systems emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of Information Technology, standing tall as a burgeoning startup that meticulously crafts and delivers comprehensive digital solutions tailored for diverse industries.

EatSmart offers a technological approach to how restaurants sell food to customers. The solution involves a smart vending machine filled with cooked meals in containers, 100% autonomous and operational 24/7. 

HiO is a last mile delivery platform that connects any kind of company to local fleet services. Through the platform, companies can offer a rapid delivery service (within 2 hours). 

Production of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol carbonated beverages with infusions of organic, botanical distillates, sugar-free, preservative-free, and without additives.

Online property management platform, eager to transform accommodation into a pleasant experience for tourists, prioritizing their safety and comfort.

The first restaurant specialized in Mac’n’Cheese in Bucharest. The restaurant’s menu includes 8 delicious Mac’n’Cheese recipes.

B2B Marketplace for the commercialization of tourist experiences. Local attractions will be sold to the end consumer through partners: hotels, guesthouses, travel agencies, event organizing companies

Organic tea brand, locally manufactured in Iași. Gadal Tea products are made with care for the environment. The sustainable packaging, certified organic ingredients, and consistent attention to sourcing local raw materials represent Gadal Tea’s commitment to ecological values.

Caesar Food is one of the largest local producers of cake bases, cannoli, bruschetta, tarts, and many other bakery products.

ClaTos is a concept of a French crêperie, whose products are served to go. The crêpes are prepared in a traditional manner, right before the customers’ eyes.

AiSA, short for Artificial Intelligence Space Analytics, is a platform as a service that bridges brick-and-mortar with powerful data: it assists companies in overcoming retail and distribution challenges in physical spaces across various sectors. AiSA goes beyond simple analytics applications; it creates end-to-end solutions, harnessing the power of AI and process automation through the cloud.

Tonic-Blend is a local producer of kombucha, a beverage with a history of millennia that is increasingly being rediscovered in our days, along with the growing interest of people in healthy eatinng.

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More projects developed by Hospitality Culture Institute

Romanian Hospitality Awards

It hosts the HoReCa industry excellence awards gala, where more than 130 jury members vote on the best businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Hospitality Industry Summit

It organizes, together with the Hospitality Industry Employers’ Federation, the Industry Summit.

Hospitality Culture Research

It implements the largest food service research in Romania.

Intimare Roundtable Conversations

It brings the leaders of the HoReCa industry to the same table, in a series of informal discussions.

Urbea Food Fest

URBEA Food Fest is an event that brings the community together, creating opportunities to socialize, experience, and discover new things. Each year, the festival continues to impress and create new memories for both returning and new visitors.

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